Freeagent for RBS & Natwest customers

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FreeAgent recently offered any NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) small business customer free access to their cloud accounting software.

If you are a NatWest or RBS business customer and you sign up with us as a client, not only will we manage the free set up on FreeAgent’s platform, but we will also give you a reduced monthly fee of 10% per month on any of our price packages.

Our team of very knowledgeable software accountants will set you up, provide any additional support to make sure you are up and running successfully syncing up all your business transactions in no time at all.

How do I get FreeAgent for FREE as a small business banking customer?

  • Sign up to a NatWest business bank account online and then sign up to your FREE FreeAgent
  • Watch the Getting Started Webinar (30 minutes live)
  • Then the ‘Create an Invoice’ and ‘Set up a Bank Feed’ videos (7 minutes in duration)

Your FreeAgent Accredited Accountants you can trust

As a Premium Partner with FreeAgent we help 100’s of small business and contractor clients throughout the UK.  

We believe in bringing complete visibility to your business’s financial performance using award-winning online of such cloud accounting software.  

FreeAgent allows you to snap an expense, fire off an invoice, check your cashflow so you can take care of  your business, anywhere.

Find out more about our FreeAgent service here – Don’t forget to ask about your fees discount of 10% per month when you decide to sign up!

Freeagent Premium Partner

How will Freeagent help my business?

The platform makes managing your small business finances quick and easy. It can speed up the tax returns process and allows businesses to track and forecast for the future, and we will be right there with you to set you up on the software, and your dedicated client manager will also be available should you require any additional support.

FreeAgent is also HMRC recognised cloud-based accounting software and is used by over 100,000 freelancers and small businesses. It brings everything financial together from invoices, expenses, VAT and payroll automatically importing bank transactions eliminating much of the need for hours of bookkeeping.

Freeagent integrations

The software, which can be accessed online from anywhere, and has several really great features, including:

  • Monitor your cash flow and see when your tax is due
  • Easy communication with us, your accountant.
  • Self-assessment autofill
  • View & file automated VAT returns
  • Finance dashboard
  • Invoice tracking
  • Photo receipt capture and filing system
  • Review your business income, performance & profitability
  • Corporation Tax forecasts

You can also use FreeAgent on the go! Find out more about using their mobile app

the FreeAgent mobile app

Make sure you complete at least one process per month on your Freeagent account (EG upload expenses, send invoices etc) to maintain your monthly discount. If you don’t complete a process each month, or you close your NatWest bank account you will be able to continue using FreeAgent, but our usual monthly fees will then apply.

Speak to one of our FreeAgent Accredited Accountants

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Who are Freeagent?

FreeAgent was founded in 2007 by three small business owners: Ed Molyneux, Olly Headey and Roan Lavery who had all been working as freelance designers or developers and were getting pretty tired of the mess and stress of bookkeeping. They put their heads together and decided that there must be a better way to deal with their mounting piles of invoices, spreadsheets and receipts. And so, FreeAgent was born.

What is FreeAgent and who is it for?

FreeAgent is online money management and accounting tool intended for small businesses of up to 10 employees. This will include most kinds of freelancers, contractors and consultants. Whether you are just getting started, or are already in business, FreeAgent accounting software can save you time.

How much does Freeagent cost?

The prices are based on different criteria in that it’s focused on business type (Sole Trader, Limited Co., etc) rather than individual usage costs.  View their price list. The software has a 30-day free trial, so you have ample time to acquaint yourself with the program before signing up

I have been using another software; can I move across to Freeagent?

Yes, you can. Migrating to any new system may take time but there are simple steps to make it quicker. For example, moving data at either your year-end or the end of a VAT quarter makes the process much easier.

If you do want to move software platform, please do get in contact with us and we will be able to help with this, and if you are a RBS or NatWest customer, don’t forget to ask about your Fusion fees discount.

VAT Practitioner

Do Freeagent offer a referral scheme?

Yes. Everyone who signs up to FreeAgent gets a unique referral code. If you know of other businesses who you think will benefit from FreeAgent, pass your referrer code onto them. If they subscribe to FreeAgent using your code, you will both receive a 10% discount on your next subscription payment and will still keep getting the 10% discount so long as the original referrer still subscribes to FreeAgent.

You’ll receive a further 10% discount for each subsequent referral you make, so if you make ten successful referrals you’ll be using FreeAgent for free!